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Mäd Love: The Art of the Fan

Happy Sunday!

Thanks for coming back for a visit to my Mäd Love blog :-)

I want to start by thanking all of the Fan Art Contestants that participated and a HUGE congratulations to the Final Artists that were chosen for my facebook, twitter, instagram and snap chat sites!

My team and I were so impressed by all of your artwork that I had such a hard time not only choosing the Top 10 finalists but even more difficulty deciding on the “winning” artwork. So, I ended up making my choices by deciding on a theme for each my sites…

I love the way Jennifer Walden’s landscape compilation of my entire career looked along side John Boveri’s image of Alice Cooper. I chose this combination for my facebook site

For my twitter account, I really love the combination of Axel Gutierrez’s compilation of the diverse characters I’ve been blessed to play, along with Natacha Martins’ faceless Shelly

The way Shelly’s turquoise colors pop, by the incredibly talented Pachu M. Torres, had to go on my instagram profile pic

And lastly, I really wanted to find a placement for Alicia Jo’s sweet Shelly portrait (it makes me smile every time I look at it). So I made it my Mäma Coop snapchat profile pic. I think Alice would approve! -CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Check out all of their artwork on my sites and please comment, share and/or like to show these artists the appreciation they deserve! I will be uploading everyone’s submissions into the GALLERY section of my website very soon. I am dedicating a special folder to all of your wonderful fan art HERE

I had a very fun and busy week promoting our Riverdale return from hiatus. I hope you were able to see my appearances on KCAL Morning News and KTLA News at Noon, during their entertainment segments, where I talked about Alice Cooper’s complicated motherly intentions and a few hints about the upcoming Twin Peaks premiere. Then the Riverdale cast and producers were reunited at a Netflix campaign shoot and then whisked off to WonderCon. The huge auditorium that was filled to the brim with fans, absolutely blew us away WOW!! It was so great to interact with all of you and to hear your fan theories and your hopes for our future storylines.

I have so many more exciting events coming up! I will continue to keep you updated through ‘Mäds News’ - so make sure that you’ve subscribed to my website and signed up for our newsletter.

Please share and blog here…

XOXO - Mäds

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